Puzzles for print

A wide range of puzzles can be provided in many flexible print formats to suit the needs of your publications

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Puzzles for print

From a single puzzle to a multi-page supplement, our comprehensive range of crosswords, puzzles and quizzes can meet any requirements.

Bespoke pages

We specialise in supplying regular daily, weekly and monthly pages incorporating a generous selection of our crosswords, quizzes and other puzzles. Pages are produced precisely to your requirements in terms of typography and design, print area and content.

Single puzzles can always be provided on a regular or occasional basis. We can also supply part pages with space for you to add additional content sourced by you.

Standard pages

In order to assist hard-pressed regional newspapers a large part of our business now involves producing standard tabloid pages at extremely competitive prices, in which the same content is shared with many other publications. Material can be supplied as single daily or weekly pages or in the form of four-page and eight-page weekly supplements. Newspapers are free to use our pages as revenue generators by replacing our page headings with sponsors’ adverts.

Try our interactive puzzles!

Our most popular puzzles are also interactive for use on websites and in digital publications.