Puzzle samples

A selection of our most popular puzzles available for print and online play

Puzzle samples

Our most popular puzzles are available for you to sample. By selecting the View button next to the puzzle title a sample will be displayed along with a button to download a PDF for print. Those puzzles that are available interactively can be sampled using the Play button.

Cryptic Crossword (13 x 13) PlayView
Cryptic Crossword (15 x 15) PlayView
Giant Cryptic Crossword (17 x 17) PlayView
Quick Crossword (13 x 13) PlayView
Giant Quick Crossword (43 x 23) View
Double Crossword (13 x 13) View
Two-Timer Crossword (13 x 13) View
General Knowledge Crossword (15 x 15) PlayView
Starspot Crossword (13 x 13) View
Cross Code (13 x 13) PlayView
Con Trick (13 x 13) View
Signword (8 x 8) View
Giant Signword (16 x 19) View

Sudoku – Easy PlayView
Sudoku – Medium PlayView
Sudoku – Hard PlayView
Sudoku – Giant View